Veronica Martinez, LICSW

Veronica is a licensed psychotherapist and medical social worker who has seven years of experience working with adults, empowering them to reach their goals by providing empathy, compassion and non-judgmental support. Her experience ranges from medical practices focusing on behavioral health to Senior living communities.

Veronica enjoys building a warm therapeutic alliance by identifying healthy strategies with clients to help manage issues related to depression, anxiety, stressful life transitions, grief/loss, trauma, and interpersonal relationships. Veronica uses different therapeutic approaches to be able to develop coping tools and self-care routines that best support her clients through their emotional, social and personal growth. Veronica is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and utilizes different somatic approaches in order to help reduce overactive stress responses.

Veronica has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and received a Master of Social Work from Simmons College.