Illness & Pain

Pain and illness can disrupt your life in many ways. Illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, auto­immune disorders and cancer can cause dramatic changes in your life. You may feel tired, weak, or in pain. Coping with relentless pain may at times feel overwhelming. You may feel that your relationships suffer because you don’t have “energy” to pour into them. Your appearance may be affected by some illnesses, and adapting to these changes may be very challenging. Your independence may be compromised, and this can affect your sense of identity. Suffering can affect your ability to work, and thereby create financial distress.
It is normal to feel a profound sense of grief and loss when your health and well­being are affected. It is normal to feel sad, angry and frightened. Pain and illness cause stress and anxiety. Talking with a supportive therapist can help you to regain a sense of control you may feel you have lost, and can help you work toward a happier, more fulfilling life. A sincere and trusting relationship with a skilled therapist can afford you comfort and safety at a time when you feel vulnerable. This relationship can help you regain parts of your self that feel lost, find new strengths and coping strategies and a sense of pride in your ability to handle adversity and challenge.