Grief & Loss

Grief is the natural response to the loss of someone or something beloved and valuable. The death of a loved one. The loss of a marriage (divorce). The loss of a career. The loss of our physical health or of a beloved a pet. Any one of these may cause us intense pain and sadness. Other personal losses may cause us to feel deeply bereaved. These feelings are sometimes so intense, and unlike any other feelings we may have ever felt before, that we feel as though the pain will never ease up. Grief is often experienced in waves that “roll over us.” Grief may feel like “ambushes” of emotion that attack us suddenly when we think we are “coping.” Grief and loss may challenge our sense of identity, purpose and security; loss may leave us feeling exhausted, disorganized, and with difficulty eating and sleeping.
It is normal to feel a sense of disbelief after losing someone or something very dear and significant to you. You may feel profound sadness, guilt, regret and confusion about the relationship for which you now grieve. It is normal to feel angry, fearful and unable to concentrate. You might also feel numb and bewildered by this numbness.
Each person grieves in his/her own way. Sharing your feelings and learning strategies to cope can ease your way. Support and understanding, kindness and guidance will help to ease this process, enhance your personal resilience, and reduce feelings of alienation and loneliness.