Depression & Anxiety

Depression is an emotional state in which you may feel profoundly helpless, hopeless and worthless. You may lack interest and feel unable to take pleasure in activities and people whom you normally enjoy. Your normal appetite may be disturbed. Your sleep might be affected, whether sleeping too much or finding it difficult to sleep.
When you feel depressed, your mood is low, your outlook is gloomy and your sense of yourself and the world around you is generally poor. You may feel tired, sad, or even have thoughts of suicide.
Anxiety often accompanies depression, but may be experienced alone. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It helps us to recognize and act in difficult situations. However, when anxiety becomes excessive it hinders our ability to think clearly and feel confident. In such circumstances, anxiety feels like excessive worrying, panic, uneasiness and fearfulness. Anxiety is often accompanied by physical feelings such as difficulty breathing, excessive sweating, and headache.
Identifying depression and anxiety is the first step toward alleviating their painful and negative effects.