Roxanne Kelber, LICSW

Roxanne Kelber, LICSW, has over 30 years of experience with a varied adult population. She engages her clients in a warm, compassionate manner. She believes that while working on problems in life is a collaborative process, her professional expertise and observational skills allow her to re-frame problems to enhance client understanding and suggest ways to ameliorate them.

Roxanne works with adults in all phases of life. Difficulties in parenting middle school and high school teens, interpersonal problems, and difficulties with life transitions are just some areas that can be addressed. In addition she brings a depth of experience in working with problems associated with aging, illness, chronic illness, disability, as well as grief and loss. She has worked in nursing homes, nursing homes without walls, community based hospice and palliative care with adults and children.

Roxanne offers a fee-for-service component of service people seeking directions in care for infirm or disabled relatives. Having worked within institutions and community programs she is well able to identify and think through the benefits of various settings enabling families to make well informed choices. She has a talent for working collaboratively with doctors and other health care professionals, enabling her to develop a nuanced understanding of health care issues and create a finely tuned care plan. This service can include working with other health professionals and/or advocacy for an elder in a hospital or nursing home.

Roxanne graduated from Boston University with honors, received her masters in social work from Columbia University, supervised countless social work students, peers and taught undergraduate social work courses.