Rachael Wilcox-Rolniak, LMHC

“I believe life is a journey. Sometimes the road can get a little bumpy, but you never have to travel alone. I do believe that talk is still the best medicine, but if talking doesn’t work, communication through all types of expression and the utilization of a variety of tools can help us on this journey.”

I graduated with a masters in counseling from the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

Since then, I have helped many people who are working on a variety of issues, including recent and childhood trauma. I also have extensive experience working with ADHD, Autism, and developmental disabilities. I have also helped people struggling with depression, anxiety, anger management, relationship issues, and parenting difficulties. I’ve worked with people who need help managing stresses of everyday work and life, helped people work through the struggles that can accompany our intimate relationships, and worked on skills to help with organization as well as increase executive functioning.

Along with traditional counseling, I have also helped people using various forms of life coaching. I can work with you if you are interested in exploring the direction of your life, (whether it’s professionally or romantically), working though difficult life choices, or finding ways to cope and grow in the face of sudden life changes.

I am an ally of and have experience working with the individualized needs of the LGBTQ community.

In addition to psychotherapy, I can incorporate a variety of techniques, including expressive and art therapies, narrative therapy, journaling, and movement based techniques. Depending on your needs, comfort level, and what you find most helpful, we will explore together and find works best for you.